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Offering the benefit of over 47 years of continuous employment in the electrical power industry. I am familiar with an extremely wide variety of generating facilities and technologies, and every phase of power plant development, construction, and operation. Services include:

Project Development phase

  • Assistance with project scoping and feasibility studies
  • Project budgeting, organization, and execution planning
  • Assistance in preparation of specifications and contracts
  • Bid and proposal evaluation
  • Assistance with contract negotiations
  • Assistance with project planning and scheduling
  • Assistance in recruiting construction management team personnel
  • Design review
  • Assistance with developing robust QA/QC, risk management and safety programs

Project Construction phase

  • Construction management and project oversight
  • Preparation of project progress reports
  • Conducting project health audits
  • Assistance in running robust QA/QC Programs
  • Conducting project safety audits
  • Providing risk management program training for project management team personnel
  • Conducting project risk management program audits
  • Assistance with project closeout and closeout negotiations

Plant Operations and Maintenance

  • Assistance with Outage planning
  • Outage oversight
  • Assistance with instrumentation and control issues
  • Assistance with maintenance and inventory management improvements
  • Assistance with capital improvement projects

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